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2019-2020 Training Cycle

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Announcing “Silverback,” our first training cycle of the 2020 season.

There is no substitute for raw power. But being strong is just one piece of the puzzle. We also need to be able to use it — in our lifting, yes… but also in metcons, gymnastics, and positioning. We need strength everywhere.

Develop raw strength and put it to work.

This is our goal in “Silverback.” Building the strength to make us dangerous, and the durability to help us wield it. One the sword, the other the shield. The best warriors have both.

We’re going to increase our raw power by hammering the slow lifts–squat, deadlift, and press. We’ll increase our ability to use it through proper positioning and mobility. Moving better will lead to new PRs. And the combination of strength and durability will leave us less injury prone, so that we can train harder throughout the year.

It’s time to get strong as f&¢k. We start Monday!

*this overview pertains moreso to comp Squad, but also applies to class!

Monday: Squat Waves + Body Armour + Midline
Tuesday: Strict Gymnastics Skills + Conditioning
Wednesday: Pressing + Body Armour + Conditioning
Thursday: Rest Day (class only)
Friday: Positional Squatting + Conditioning + Midline
Saturday: Olympic Cycling + Conditioning
Sunday: Rest Day

Squat Waves
“Wave loading” is a series of sets that build in weight, reduce back to a lighter load, then build again. This allows us to turn on more muscle fibers, enabling us to lift heavier than we might in a linear loading.

Body Armour
Body Armour aims to create bulletproof athletes. Through 2-3 sessions per week, we’ll focus on strength, balance, and positioning. The purpose of Body Armour is to prevent injury and support our strength work.

Strict Gymnastics
Developing, refining, and building our strict capacities, so that when we return back to kipping we have that much more firepower to work with. We’ll see two variations of Strict Gymnastics during this cycle. Half of our sessions will be on a running clock, designed as pure practice. The other half will be actual training, designed to push our thresholds and build capacity.

There is more to strength than simply putting reps in. To lift more, you have to move better. Positioning work this cycle will focus on building our lifts from all angles.