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These are the folks that bring fun, functional fitness to life at The Dungeon! Our coaches are simply the best, most experienced trainers in the business. Their passion for their craft, plus 100% dedication to your progress, combines for a training experience that unleashes the inner athlete in you.

  • Malcolm Wright

    Owner/Head Coach

    Malcolm “Malx” Wright believes that CrossFit is not about trying to be good at specific movements. It’s about learning the skill of movement itself. That way, when you get faced with something you haven’t done before, you are more likely to achieve it!

    I believe the #FunandGains personifies what happens at CrossFit Dungeon. “We laugh. We have fun. And we improve!” he says. “Training is hard work, don’t get me wrong. I love it. But if I can laugh, make people laugh with me (or even at me), then the struggle doesn’t feel as hard, and we begin to enjoy the pain even more!”

    The thing he loves most about coaching is the “I did it” look. “Once a client finally achieves what they were trying so hard to do, you see that ‘I did it’ look on their face, and you can’t help but smile, yourself,” he says. “It feels good, and it’s as much a selfish thing for myself as it is for them.”

    I am also one of the many #YouthMasterAthlete in our gym!

    I have been involved in Sports my whole life, and involved in the Fitness Industry for almost as long as i can remember. Having my first PT clients back in 2000. It took me a very long time to find CrossFit, but when i did i realised it emobied everything i enjoyed about fitness. I believe it will for you too!


    • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science
    • Bachelor of Business
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • Australian Weightlifting Federation Licensed Coach/Sports Power Coach - Level 1
    • (NCAS ID: 60402843)
    • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association - Level One Coach (ASCA ID 11971)
    • Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR
    • Certification III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
    • Sports Medicine Australia Certificate
    • Queensland Blue Card
    • Weightlifting Seminars: Bob Takano, Donny Shankle, Ben Turner & Linzey Beister
    • Certificate of "Best Dad in the World" (it's legit!)
  • Sharon Wright


    Sharon “Shaz” Wright has been CrossFitting for an impressive nine years, six as a coach. She’s committed to creating a space where people from all walks of life can come together comfortably and feel better about themselves. The thing she loves most about coaching is understanding each athlete’s mindset so she knows how to motivate them properly.

    CrossFit is a great fit for Shaz because, as a lifelong competitive athlete, she wanted a fitness program with a team feel to it, even though the emphasis is on the individual’s goals and progress. Shaz had the honour of learning CrossFit from Matt Swift, “The Godfather of Australian CrossFit.” “He oozes knowledge and is all-around one of the nicest, most inspiring individuals I have met,” she says.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Kids
    • Level 1 & 2 AIK Kettlebell Trainer Certification
    • Rehab Trainer
    • Australian Weightlifting Federation Licensed Coach / Sports Power Coach - Level 1
    • (NCAS ID: 60402746)
    • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association - Level One Coach (ASCA ID 11971)
    • Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR
    • Queensland Blue Card
    • Outlaw Way Training Camp
    • Griffith University QCA - Bachelor of Communication Design
    • Weightlifting Seminars: Bob Takano, Dmitry Klokov, Donny Shankle, Ben Turner & Linzey Biester.
  • Dale Fahey


    I believe CrossFit is for everyone!

    I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and over a 20 year period I have been competing in endurance based sports, such as rowing and mountain biking.
    In fact in a previous life I was a rowing coach!
    I have also competed in a 24hr solo mountain bike race. #littlebitcrazy

    I worked as a personal trainer throughout my early 20s, but when I found CrossFit 6 years ago, I knew this was for me!
    I have been a Level 1 trainer for the past 5 years and currently working towards my Level 2.

    I love the fact that CrossFit allows me to help people everyday, not just in movement but in life.



    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Kids
    • CrossFit Mobility
    • CrossFit Scaling
    • CrossFit Lesson Planning
    • Certificate 3 in Fitness
    • First aid & CPR
  • Hannah Roberts


    Hannah Roberts is a qualified personal trainer and hairdresser, so she can make you look and feel good head to toe! Originally from North Wales, Hannah has traveled all over England and Wales participating in competitions for hurdles, long jump, javelin, and team relay.

    Today, she loves sharing her passion for health and fitness at The Dungeon. “I love coaching as a whole and making each class fun for members, but the thing that excites me most is when someone gets something for the first time,” she says. “Seeing the happiness in that person’s face and knowing that I helped them get there makes me happy!”


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • Certification III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
    • Level 1 Strength and conditioning
    • First aid and CPR
    • Blue card
  • Josh Steel



    • CrossFit Level 1
    • Certification III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
    • First aid and CPR
    • Blue card
  • Jim Mildren


    Jim Mildren had been weight training for an impressive 35 years before he found CrossFit. He needed to get back into shape after a knee reconstruction so he could do a two-week, 7,500 km dirt bike ride, and he needed some radical fitness to get him ready. “As soon as I started my on-ramp course at the Dungeon, I realized that this was the sport I had been looking for,” he says. “I completed my Level 1 certification in January 2016, and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to help coach our great Dungeon athletes ever since.”

    Jim has raced motocross and participated in Dirt Bike Enduros and Pony Express events in Qld and NSW. While he was at university, he played touch football to A-grade level, and today he loves road cycling and mountain bike racing.

    I get asked all the time:
    “Yeah but CrossFit is just for the youngsters right”
    But if you look around our gym, there are so many age ranges that all workout together. I am just one of the many #YouthMasterAthlete


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Scaling
    • CrossFit Judge
    • CrossFit Masters
    • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • Lenore Artango

    The Dungeon's Front Office Manager

    When you don’t see Lenore smiling at you from behind the Front Desk at the gym, you’ll find her slogging it out with the rest of the community on the gym floor!

    Like most people who start out with CrossFit, Lenore was shy and worried that she wasn’t fit enough, strong enough or even remotely good enough to come into the gym! With a little reassurance, some self assurance and guidance she quickly realised it’s not as scary as it first seemed! That was back in February 2015!

    Fast forward a few years to today, and you’ll find that she’s the smiling confident lady who is now offering the reassurance, self assurance and guidance to anyone new or those looking to join (oh and she’s also the one sitting behind the Front Desk,  processing your payments and helping out with Administration work).

  • Lynette Thompson


    Lynette can usually be found daily at 930am upstairs supervising the little ones during our CrossFit with Daycare class. But outside of this time-slot you will find her attending the front counter, responding to initial inquiries or brushing up her skills as one of our Coaching Interns.


    • Certificate III in Fitness
    • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Katja Jensen

    Physiotherapy In-House / Coach Intern

    Most, if not all of you, know Katja Jensen. You’ve seen her in almost every competition as one of the Flying Fossils, and no doubt you’ve seen her in the gym working on her Bar Muscle Ups or throwing around the barbell like it’s a PVC pipe! No Doubt, while watching this happen you’ve probably thought to yourself “Holy Crap! I hope I’m that athletic when I’m a Masters athlete as well!”

    What you probably don’t know about Katja is that she is an extremely knowledgeable Physiotherapist who has been actively in the industry since she graduated in 1995 from Basel, Switzerland. The following 16 years that she remained in Switzerland saw Katja undertaking Post-Grad Courses, specializing in the field of Sports Injury and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, while working in Private Practice and hospitals. She has been the Physiotherapist for local and representative Soccer and Handball teams as well as travelling with athletes to the Berlin Marathon.

    August 2011 saw Katja move to Cairns with her husband Stew. Two months later in October she started training at Crossfit Dungeon, and has been a member ever since. She understands the philosophy, terminology and lifestyle requirements of CrossFit and can sympathise with the frustration experienced when injuries hold you back from giving your all (having been through the same herself).

    2017 will see Katja in full swing with her own clinic “Cross-Fix Physio” run from right here in The Dungeon! The next time you walk upstairs to stretch and mobilise, take a look to your left at the Red Room and expect big exciting things to come from there very very soon. Everything is progressing and Katja is eagerly sorting out the requirements to kick off next year with a bang (if you’re lucky she may take a few part-time booking for the remaining of the year).

    What this means to her, and essentially means for you; is that not only will you have access to an extremely knowledgeable Physio, in-house, on-hand, at your very own gym. But you have the expertise of a Physio that walks the walk, talks the talk and knows that training is life. She will work with you, to keep you on the floor training, and do her best to get you back out there firing at 100%.

    Book an appointment online here –

  • Briony Yoshida

    Yoga Coach

    Briony Yoshida has more than a decade of yoga experience that she brings to CrossFit Dungeon. After studying anatomy, exercise physiology and bio-mechanics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Briony earned her yoga credentials through Yandara Institute of Yoga in Baja, Mexico in a month-long, live-in yogic intensive. She then went on to practice and study under Senior Iyengar teacher Shayma Ogden in Victoria for a further four years.

    “When I realised the positive effect that practising yoga had not only on my physical state but also my mental capacity, it profoundly changed my lifestyle,” she says. “Teaching was an obvious path given my coaching background, and I wanted others to experience yoga.” Briony says yoga is the ideal complement to CrossFit and can benefit any athlete.


    • Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher
    • Federation of International Gymnastics Level 2 Gymnastics Coach
    • Advanced Silver Gymnastics Coach Registered with Gymnastics Australia
    • First Aid Provider & CPR


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