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Are you having trouble booking into class? Below maybe a few reasons why …

Let me start by saying that we have introduced the class booking system for your benefit. We don’t want you to miss out on attending your ideal session time. This way it gives you a platform to be able to see how many people have signed up to a given class and the option to choose another time if you wish.

Unfortunately we have had some members taking advantage of booking in which has resulted in a few changes.

A couple of examples of this:

  • Members booking into both the 430pm and 530pm class and then ‘late cancelling’ out of one. Which prevents other members booking into a given time, which isn’t actually at full capacity.
  • Members booking into a morning session and then not showing up. You are then listed as a ‘late cancel’ – you have prevented someone else to attend at this time’ but you also book into an afternoon class.

Booking Conditions

  • Class cancellations need to be done at least 1 hour before class. This allows other members a chance to view the correct attendance for that class, and sign up.
  • You must book into class no later than 10mins before the scheduled session.
  • You can only book 1 class a day.
  • Late Cancel / No Show = Your session for the day/unlimited membership
    • Or a session for your week, if on 2 x or 3 x membership option

Your Responsibility
Booking / Unbooking yourself out of class is your responsibility.
If you repeatedly ‘late cancel’ for no good reason and attend a class later in the day, you will be charged a $10 penalty fee.

How to avoid a penalty fee if you want to attend another session but need to cancel within the hour before your scheduled class.
Send us a message (Facebook – CrossFit Dungeon or Email: explaining your situation.

We understand sometimes this is outside of your control and we don’t want to penalise those with good reason.

Yes, Classes Are Capped
This is a step to ensure that you receive the highest quality coaching, plus a safe and productive training environment. If however, the session you are needing to attend (ie only session you can make for that day) is full and the class (workout logistics) allows you to attend that time slot. Place yourself on the ‘waiting list’ and show up to class.

One Class A Day
The reasons why we only want members to do the daily workout once a day:

  • Quality over quantity! You will put in all the required effort you need to for that session, instead of half arsing multiple sessions and wasting your time.
  • It limits the potential for over-training.
    • If we know everyone is doing what was asked in class, we are aware of the volume of training that is being done. If anyone decided to do “extra” work on top of what is programmed, they increase their risk of over-use or injury.
    • This normally occurs when someone has not put in much effort during a class (or feels they didn’t get enough out of the session), and then either comes back to another class or goes out to do more (for a run, the red arrow, or to the gym for strength work). Only to come in the next day and find what is programmed, is exactly what they had done.
  • Most importantly though, It frees up space and timeslots for other members to have their training session.

Extra Training
If you’re looking for something extra please talk to us (your coaches). We can then explain our options or lead you in the right direction.

Hope this clears things up guys, and thank you for your understanding!