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Gymnastics Skills #2

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Gymnastics Complex #2



10 Alt limb Plank Holds –

20 Leg pulses –

20 Leg Lift Circles –

20 Hip Bridge Single Leg Circles –


Handstand kick up drills (perform 5 of each movement)

  1. Jump to drag drill (Zombie Inchworm)

  1. Kick up drill 1 (half handstands – leave trail leg behind)

  1. Kick up drill 2 (half handstands – bring trail leg up to handstand)





Handstand Work

* Choose two out of the 6 movements to work on. (It can be different each session) and perform 3 x 5-10 reps of each alternating.


  1. Box Pike Shoulder Shifts – Shift weight from one arm to the other.

  1. Box Rocks – With straight knees, rock forward on hands until almost starting the dive of a Pike Press, then rock back.

  1. Press Compression – Reverse Pike Press against a wall with a rower.

  1. Jump Press (low) – Pike Position to start, then kick both legs off the floor to balance on hands.

  1. Jump press (straddle) – Same as above, but bring feet together in a straddle arc at top of Handstand.

  1. Handstand to Forward Roll




* Choose two out of these movements to work on. Perform 3 x 5-10 reps of each alternating.


  1. Beginner drill: 10sec active hang +10sec relaxed hang + 5 knee tucks

Active: Pull Shoulderblades down to create space between ears and shoulders.

Relaxed: let the gap between ears and shoulders disappear.

  1. Pullover Drill – Lean back, tuck knees to chest and pull as high as possible. Aiming to get hips to bar.

  1. Pullover- (around the world)