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Gymnastics Skills #3

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Gymnastics Complex #3



10 situp to pancake

10 situp to pike

10 scap pushup + shift –

10 situp to pancake (compression) – with light plate

20 pike overs –

20 straddle overs –




Ring Accessory Work

* Choose two out of the 6 movements to work on. (It can be different each session) and perform 3 x 5-10 reps of each alternating.


  1. Planche Leans – do with or without the rower

  1. False Grip Pullups –
  2. Ice Cream Maker (Tuck) – Have knees tucked into chest to make the movement easier.
  3. Ice Cream Maker (straight leg) –
  4. Low Ring Skin the Cat – using the rings on the rig, perform a Skin the Cat by using legs to drive body over and back. Bent arms make it easier and straighter arms make it more challenging.
  5. Slow Tempo Skin the Cats –


Windshield wipers (2 x 20 reps)


Beginner version: lying windshield wipers

Advanced version: hanging windshield wipers


* rest as needed between sets