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How Do You Train Your Gymnastics?

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When you train your gymnastics, do you attack it like you do your weightlifting or strength training? Think about anytime you train technique, or do volume work for Barbell (Cleans, Snatches, Squats, Deadlifts etc). Most likely it is always for a certain number of reps at a percentage of your max.

Now think about your gymnastics. Just because you can do a muscle up, a handstand push up, a couple pull ups … do you then train the technique or volume by making the load (your bodyweight) lighter? In other words, do you then work on hard Muscle Up transitions, do you use bands? Do you make your Bar Muscle Ups better by doing banded Chest to bar pull ups? Do you work on your Handstand positions and negatives … or do you just try to do more of what you just learned?

Now taking myself for example, I am quite proficient at HSPU’s. But I still work the strict variant as much as possible. I work negatives to ensure I consistently lower to the correct position and placement. For my pullups, I am capable of doing multiple strict reps at a time. But depending on the goal I will use a light band to ensure I am engaging the right muscles and the right time, and NOT breaking at the midline when I begin the pull.

Is this how you attack your gymnastics? If it is not, then it’s safe to assume it is the same as training at 90-100% of your barbell loads every time … and hoping you’re doing it correctly!

Train the correct positions, take the focus off the load as much as necessary, and it will pay off in the end!

If you’re unsure about how you should be doing this, come and have a chat to any of the coaches.

Coach Malx