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Please take the time to read the following if you are planning on doing the CF Open’s at The Dungeon.

The competition will begin in February, and run for 5 weeks through to March 25th, 2019.

Week 1 – Saturday, Feb. 23rd
Week 2 – Saturday, Mar. 2nd
Week 3 – Saturday, Mar. 9th
Week 4 – Saturday, Mar. 16th
Week 5 – Saturday, Mar. 23rd

If you are a registered athlete for the CrossFit Open’s you MUST be available to do each workout during this 5 week period on the Saturday. Dates above.

You will notice that a set of heats – 5 people per heat, set every 15mins has been created through our class booking system.

Logistically the number of people per heat and the time of each heat is going to differ each week depending on the workout. We will do our best to try and set this up through the booking system to best match the workout each week – Changes will be made each week around Friday 2pm. However we are limited to 15min increments, so please be available in heat order not by time.

You must book yourself into a heat via the “CFD – The Dungeon” class booking app. You will be required to arrange your own judge.

If you are an active member of CrossFit Dungeon, a membership has been applied to your account to book into these heats. If you are promoted to ‘Buy’ this is due to not being a member of CrossFit Dungeon and must book and pay via the app – No drop in’s on the day will be accepted.


You have not registered to compete in the CF Opens
If you would like to participate in the opens you must register here >

Please understand that we are highly demanding on our staff at the moment – with our second bub arriving any day now. As affiliate owners the timing of this years opens is not a priority and we are doing the best we can to accommodate our members wanting to compete.

We will be programming the opens workout for the following Monday’s class. This allows everyone to get involved and enjoy what the CF Opens has to offer.

Please note: These workouts may get adjusted to ensure they suit a class environment. No individuals will be judged during this time, therefore a score can not be submitted. No registration required.


  • If you want to compete in the CF Opens you MUST be available on Saturday morning and be registered through the website.
  • If you can’t make 1 out of the 5 weekends, talk to one of the coaches to arrange an alternative time. This must be a one off.
  • Monday during class will not be an option to get judged and submit a score.
  • Please understand that it is very difficult to accommodate numerous individuals to complete this outside the given time frame.