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New Schedule. More CrossFit.

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You have asked, we have listened.
Extra classes starting 11th June 2018. As these sessions become available, you will see them on your app.

Mum’s & Bubs
This class will now be open to all members, offering free child minding during this hour.

Open Gym
Saturday only between 10-11am. Please book yourself into this, if you intend on training during this time.
The week day sessions have been removed from the schedule, to accommodate the extra classes. If you feel you need the “extra time” you can always join our “Comp Squad” (read below).

‘The Red Zone’
With this new schedule, we will have a change in floor layout. The current ‘back platform’ area will be getting an upgrade = The Red Zone. With the installation of an additional wall rig, we will be able to open up this area to two working spaces. This will be available to athletes in ‘Comp Squad’ to book into via our app. Only time it won’t be available will be, if a PT session is booked or Fundamentals is on.

Class Bookings
We have made a few adjustments to the scheduling window for class bookings. This is due to people booking in advance and cancelling last minute, or not showing up to class at all. Which results in classes being ‘full’ on the app, but when it comes down to the hour, class hasn’t reached full capacity.

We would like to ask everyone to NOT book into any class, until you are 100% sure you can make it. This way you do not prevent anyone else from coming to class. If everyone does this, then no one should miss out on getting to class.

Scheduling Window
We have reduced the pre-booking time down from 7 days to 48 Hours (up to 10mins) prior to scheduled class. Again, please book when you are 100% sure you will make class.

Cancellation Window
You must cancel at least 60mins prior to scheduled class. Anytime within 60mins prior to class will be considered a ‘Late Cancel’ which will count as your session for the day (ie. you prevented someone from coming to that class, therefor cannot book into a later class that day, without a legitimate reason). If you just don’t show up to Class, you will get charged $10, as a ‘don’t be lazy’ fee.
If you have a legitimate reason please contact us via email as soon as possible.