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Online Booking System

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Inmates, you may have already heard whispers about our new app, and guess what, it’s finally here!

It has been a long time coming (we have delayed it for as long as possible) but due to the increasingly busy classes we needed to find a solution. Therefore, we are introducing an online booking system.

The app allows it to be quick, simple and super easy to use. The booking window will be open 7 days prior to a class, so you can reserve your classes for the week ahead, or 10mins in advance.

Classes can be cancelled up to 1 hour in advance. It is extremely important that you cancel a class if you can not attend, because you could potentially be preventing someone else the chance to train during that time.

This is a step to ensure that you receive the highest quality coaching, plus a safe and productive training environment.

As a member, you will receive a ‘CFD App ‘ email.
In this email you will see;
For your records, your username and password are listed below:
Username: [your email address]
Password: Create new password (this link will take you to our MindBody account to create your password, that will be used to log into the app).

If you have not received this email please contact me via email – (please check Junk mail first).

Important information in getting started.
1. CFD members – Do not create a new account!
‘Log In’ with your email address and follow ‘Forgot Password?’
[Otherwise you will create a new profile and get charged for an additional membership.]

2. If you book yourself into a class and do not cancel
If you’re a no show – you will get charged. Either as your session for the day or as a penalty fee.

3. Transition period
During the first few weeks we will allow you to attend sessions, you’re not booked into. We will have staff available to help assist you in getting set up, and understand what you need to do.
However, from Monday the 14 May 2018, if you are not booked into a class, you turn up and it’s full* (12 people), you will not be allowed to train during this time. So please get set up and start using the app today.

*Please note that if the class is full when you book yourself in. You will be listed on the ‘wait list’ if this is the only time of the day you can train, please turn up to class. We have created this app to help manage sessions, not be an inconvenience to you. We do however ask for you to assist us during this progress.