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Open Gym Saturdays

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Starting tomorrow (Saturday 20th) we will be extending our hours to accomodate
 “Open Gym” from 9 to 1030. 

HOWEVER, for the next couple weeks our Masters athletes will have the floor for their Masters League Competition. Please come in, show your support, and cheer them on. Once they have finished the floor will be opened up for you guys to play!

We do ask that you be very mindful, that you are only working skills and technique. Minor Strength work and NO EXTRA VOLUME. 

Open Gym is a time for you to work on a skill or technique of something that you feel you might need more attention with. If you’re unsure on what is good and what is more volume, talk to a coach beforehand. This timeframe however, is uncoached.

We’re in this for the long term remember; so we don’t want you guys hurt or injured from doing too much work.

The gym will shut at 1030 though so don’t wander in at 1015 expecting to have more than 10 minutes! I’ll be hangry by then!

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