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these workshops will be held throughout the year. read below for more details and dates!

Want to improve in your gymnastics?
We will be holding workshops throughout the year to help you with your goals. There will be 3 sessions per block, and each sessions will focus on a different movement. So that way you can choose to only come to a particular session, or come to the whole block!

Cost: $20 per session or $45 for the block (3)
When: First Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm – 7:30pm

3 Blocks will be held throughout the year, at the following dates:

  • Block 1 [ 9th January, 6th February & 6th March ]
  • Block 2 [ 1st May, 5th June & 3rd July ]
  • Block 3 [ 4th Sept, 2nd Oct & 6th December ]
For each block, the 3 Sessions will be Gymnastic themed:
  1. Bar Work [Pull Ups, Toes to Bar + Muscle Ups]
  2. Floor Work [HSPU, Free-standing Handstands + Walking]
  3. Rings [Dips, Skin the Cats + Muscle Ups]
To book yourself into one of these blocks (or a single session) jump onto your CFD – The Dungeon app (same way you book into class) and find the session on that given day.
– Who is a Masters Athlete
– What are the effects of aging
– Mobility & Flexibility
– Nutrition
– Training
– Volume
– Scaling
– Intensity
– Rest & Recovery
*date to be finalised
*if you are interested in this please send us a message.
• Saturday Class + Open Gym
During open gym, the coach that is scheduled on will be available to help with any skill work for those that turn up, and request the help.Mitch, our Barbell Club Coach, will also be available some Saturday’s for barbell tech work that can also be done during this hour. We will keep you all informed as to which Saturdays he will be available.


This year you may see a slight adjustment to the programming, as we will be working towards creating more time in our sessions, to allow you guys to have more skill work time, and practice movements and progressions.

As always, we love the feedback. If there is anything you think you would like to see, or something you think we could improve on, please let us know. We will work our hardest to make that happen! There is no such thing as negative feedback.