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The only reasons why you should be doing any extra training or programming (on top of 5 days a week of the daily workouts) would be because you want to, you have time to, and/or you enjoy it. Not because you think you NEED to in order to see results!!

“But I’m working out every day doing the daily workout … and I’m still not losing weight or seeing the results I want. Why isn’t that working for me?”

Results are not an outcome of “more.” Your results will come from consistency and pushing intensity, pushing YOUR physical and psychological tolerances, and what that means for you, personally.

How do you know you’re working out with enough intensity?

Intensity is a relative term that has many different values and parameters for different people. We all experience Intensity in the same way, but we each have different levels and tolerances of that same intensity.

Running 5km in 20 minutes, doing 50 Push Ups, Deadlifting 175kg … for 5-10 reps. For some people each of these things may seem extremely high intensity, while for others not so much!”
Like most good things in the fitness world, we have taken the facts we want to hear and warped the truth to disregard the rest. Now what we see in mass production is the concept, based on good intentions, but applied completely incorrectly.

IF you want any improvement, Intensity is where it’s at! Increased intensity is definitely how you get better. If you want to run faster, you don’t just jog. If you want a bigger deadlift, you don’t just use light weights. And this is exactly where the concept, based on good intentions, gets applied completely incorrectly.

We want 100% intensity only some of the time. For the rest of the time what we need to focus on is increasing our intensity through more simpler means. Focus on technique and better movement patterns. Work hard up to 85% then work on your ability to recover between bouts. Work on being Consistent!

I like to think of this fitness thing as doing it for the long term … and Ii mean the VERY LONG TERM! I want to still be working out, 5 days a week, lifting weights, doing pull ups and HSPU’s when I’m well into my 60’s, 70’s and 80’s .. maybe even until I’m over 100 … yup, I’ll be that old!

[I’m not stupid Lucius. No one lives forever. No one. But with advances in modern science, and my high level of income, I mean, it’s not crazy to think I can’t live to be 245, maybe 300! – Ricky Bobby]

We have a saying in our gym with our Master Athletes: “We Get better with age!”

Consistency is how we do that. Work at being consistent in how often you train. Be consistent with your movement. Be consistent with your mobility. Be consistent with your eating habits. Be consistent with your emotional happiness. Be consistent with being grateful for what you have.

Performing less reps with better movement quality is WAY better than performing more reps with questionable quality!

You choose your intensity, for the long term!