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Our main goals for all of you and what we truly believe are the most critical parts of following any program are CONSISTENCY and INTENSITY.

Consistency first, and then intensity once you develop that consistency. If the whiteboard / SugarWOD didn’t help you to achieve those things, we wouldn’t use it.

We want to encourage you to use it for the parts that are great and leave behind the parts that are not. So how does using the SugarWOD app help?

The logbook provides accountability. Studies have shown not only with fitness but with anything really that if you’re tracking results and writing them down or logging them that you will stay more accountable and you will stay involved. Staying involved will help you obtain consistency.

Aside from logging helping with accountability, it gives you a way to track your progress. When retest workouts come back up it gives you something to compare your new scores to! Staying motivated helps consistency, and one way that you can find motivation is through seeing the progress in your fitness. Too often in the fitness industry the emphasis is put on losing weight and what the scale reads, instead of the improvement of overall fitness. When you retest your workouts and you see you got stronger, faster, or you got more rounds using a heavier weight. Checking your previous scores for a workout when a retest comes around can also help push yourself a little more because you’ll want to beat your old score. That’s where the intensity side of the equation comes in.

Intensity is power output. Power output comes from moving. The intensity you use in any given workout is PERSONAL and your goal is to produce as much as you can while maintaining proper movement and being realistic to what you have both physically and psychologically that day. Your intensity doesn’t matter compared to anyone else.

The most important thing we want you to understand is that the point of SugarWOD is to track YOUR improvements and to develop YOUR consistency.

Logging your results does put your score on a leaderboard/whiteboard. But remember, how you scaled a workout will be different to how someone else scaled. Therefor your time on the leaderboard should not be compared to someone elses. Use it to help you connect with other members of our community, find others at a similar fitness level to motivate you.

Overall, we want to reward your consistancy, and so that you can compare your fitness now to where you were before. That’s it. The “Fist-Bumps” and comments gives you all a chance to come together as a community for a little camaraderie and friendly smack talk between those who enjoy it.