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Pat Barber’s View on Programming

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We believe the strength + metcon formula is popular because many people feel like frequent exposure to Olympic lifting is a faster way to accomplish two things: 1). Proficiency with Oly movements; 2). Gains in strength. ⠀

We’re not saying that’s wrong. We just think that a solid GPP – General physical preparedness, program is another — perhaps better — way to accomplish those two goals without sacrificing overall fitness.⠀

It is our belief that if you want to specialize in top end strength, you should become a powerlifter. If you want to specialize in explosive strength, become an Oly lifter. As CrossFit coaches, we are here to train members to have an amazing capacity across both styles of strength and all other domains of fitness.⠀

Of course, this always come back to the goals of the person. If they want to get fitter, stronger and healthier, they don’t need a strength-biased program. They will get plenty strong with a GPP program.⠀

There are really only 3 groups of people who need a strength-biased program, or extra volume:⠀

1. People who want to lift more often regardless of what it does to their fitness (because they enjoy lifting).⠀
2. Power/Oly lifters⠀
3. Competitors⠀

And even then, a strength + metcon formula still isn’t the only way to get that extra strength work.⠀

Most people — the 99% of your gym or potential gym members — just need to get to the gym and workout hard, with good coaching. They need mechanics, consistency and intensity, not a strength cycle.⠀

With a GPP program, strength days are for strength only because we believe that when you do a genuine strength workout, you need to give it the respect that it deserves.

Pat has been programming for 10+ years, has experimented, has made mistakes, and has learned a lot. He will never go back to a daily strength + metcon for fitness. GPP programming has given us far better results.