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Part-Time Coach

STATUS: Part-Time(20-25 Hours per week)

Job Summary

The job of our coaches is to provide the best experience to our members every single day. Early alarms and late nights don’t phase us – we are focused and committed.
In an industry plagued with mediocrity, we strive to set a higher bar. Simply put we are professionals, and we are investing heavily in progressing our coaches to new heights.

Necessary Qualifications

  • 2+ years of fitness experience
  • 1+ years of full-time CrossFit coaching experience
  • Current CrossFit L1 Certificate
  • Active CPR and First Aid Certification

Necessary Skills

  • In depth knowledge of CrossFit, fitness, health, and nutrition
  • In depth knowledge and skill in leading CrossFit classes
  • High level interpersonal, time management and organizational skills – have a professional mindset
  • Strong leadership skills and inspires action in those around them – leads by example always inside and outside of the facility
  • Creative thinking, dispute resolution and problem-solving skills all finely honed – cool under pressure

Job Requirement

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to…

  • Leading and coaching group fitness classes through care and excellence
  • Add value to our community through relentless positivity, engagement, and passion
  • Assist as needed with facility improvements, cleanliness, maintenance, individual projects, and implement other initiatives under direction of manager
  • Attend team meetings, and other company events
  • Handle member inquiries, provide information about our program, and track attendance
  • Help plan and facilitate community events that take place throughout the year

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